The Grand Executive consists of all Past Grand First Principals, all elected Grand Officers, the Grand Scribe "E", Grand Scribe "N", and three Royal Arch Masons appointed from the general membership. All other Royal Arch Masons may attend an Executive meeting and, with permission, may speak but may not vote.


Grand First Principal (Z)
M. Ex. Comp. Dean Elliott
Grand 2nd Principal (H)
Rt. Ex. Comp. Dan Olmsted
Grand 3rd Principal (J)
Rt. Ex. Comp. Ross Young
Past Grand First Principals
M. Ex. Comp. Doug Haroldson
M. Ex. Comp. Jack Colenutt
M. Ex. Comp. Robert Turner
M. Ex. Comp. Mike Petty
M. Ex. Comp. John Leyshon
M. Ex. Comp. William MacKay
M. Ex. Comp. William Fitzsimmons
M. Ex. Comp. Heath Armbruster
M. Ex. Comp. Lenard Cole
M. Ex. Comp. Doug Byers
M. Ex. Comp. Joseph Angel
M. Ex. Comp. Patrick Davis
M. Ex. Comp. Ken Martin 
M. Ex. Comp. Troy LeBlanc
Other Executive Officers
G. Scribe ā€œEā€ - Rt. Ex. Comp. Richard Gutfriend
G. Scribe "N" - V. Ex. Comp. Peter Derrick
G. Registrar - Rt. Ex. Comp. Hugh Stearn
G. Treasurer - Rt. Ex. Comp. Greg Lowe
G. Pr. Sojourner - Rt. Ex. Comp. Chris Beebe

Grand Executive Appointees

Rt. Ex. Comp. Laughlin Arthur
V. Ex. Comp. Gordon Olmstead
V. Ex. Comp. Mark Barclay